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KC Timebank

Our Mission

The Kansas City Timebank is a cornerstone project of The Kansas City Restoration School.

The mission of the KC Timebank(KCTB) is to be a community reciprocity hub for the Kansas City Metro Area.

Our goals are:

  1. Create and nurture many unique pathways to equity-based economics.
  2. Support access to The Kansas City Restoration School (KCRS) through need-based scholarships.
  3. Engage KCRS families with KCTB Household Memberships to invest in our school, rather than a traditional PTA.
  4. Engage KCRS students in embedded learning opportunities about equity and economics through timebank stewardship.
  5. Establish pathways for KC artists and entrepreneurs to offer unique learning opportunities for students for time credit.
  6. Build a vast eco-system of care across the bi-state region that functions to reclaim that value of time for all people.